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Brigels. My family mountain village.

The village of Brigels appears to be dreamy with its beautiful old village centre, the old tanned wooden houses and the natural mountain scenery. 

Brigels Dorf im Winter in der Nacht

Brigels is located on a sun-drenched alpine plateau in 1289 m above sea level. The missing through traffic and the manageability make Brigels a family-friendly holiday resort.

With the wide range of sports and recreational offerings, older and younger guests get their money's worth.

The unmistakable and open view of the fascinating mountain panorama with the Péz Tumpiv, the Kistenstöckli, the Péz d’Artgas in the North, as well as the Signina-Group, the Péz Mundaun, the Hitzeggen, the Stein and the Péz Sezner in the South are truly inspiring.

In the mountain village Brigels, accommodation, restaurants, food and sport shops, the ski resort, the ski school and other recreational activities are easily within reach on foot.

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