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The settlement of the Safiental valley began with the immigration of the Walser about 700 years ago. As they crossed mountains and passes, they settled in sparsely populated high valleys. This is also the case for the Safiental valley. What remains is a unique natural and cultural landscape, which is characterised by tanned houses, stables, hay barns and alpine huts.

On the one hand, there is the spectacular 14 km long Rhine Gorge with its 300-metre-high rugged rock walls and the two holiday resorts of Valendas (810 metres above sea level) and Versam (909 m above sea level). On the other hand, you will find an intact cultural landscape and a lively Walser culture in the pretty and family-friendly mountain village of Tenna (1654 m above sea level) or in Safien Platz (1315 m above sea level) and Thalkirch (1686 m above sea level) – at the very back in the 25 km long valley. Together, the resorts form the municipality of Safiental and are part of the Beverin Nature Park.

Discover the unique originality and tranquility of this wildly romantic mountain valley on a wide network of roads.

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